Wedding Planner

12 Months

If you haven’t already started looking now is the perfect time to begin.Generally the best place to start your research is looking through magazines or on the internet. This will give you an idea of what gowns are out there and what styles you like.

Once you have an idea it’s time to head to the shops and begin trying gowns on. Remember it could take a few weeks before you find the dream gown, so don’t worry if you don’t find it on your first trip. To make the process easier I would suggest visiting a store that has a large range of styles to choose from. This will enable you to try a number of different styles on at one time and for you to establish if the style suits you.

Take a trusted friend or your mum with you, you need honest opinions and advise!

10 Months

You should have picked your dress by now and had your measurements taken.

Once you have ordered your dress you are usually expected to pay a deposit. Keep in mind it can take 4‐6 months for your dress to be made and delivered, and will probably require some last minute tweaking or alterations to fit perfectly. Like most brides, the last couple of weeks leading up to the wedding will see a few kilo’s lost due to diets and possibly stress!

*Tip; ask for a colour swatch of your dress fabric, so you can start shoe shopping. You will need your shoes for the next fitting in a few months. The colour swatch will also help choose your bridesmaids dress colour.

6 Months

If you haven’t already started looking for bridesmaids dresses its best to start looking now. Bridesmaid’s dresses usually take 3‐4 months to arrive and it’s a good idea to include an extra month in they need alterations. If your wedding has a colour theme, try to incorporate this into your bridesmaid’s dresses. If you can find a shop that has bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses this will allow you to have your final fittings together as well as make sure the styles and colours complement one another.

4 Months

At around 4 months mark your gown should have arrived and be ready for your first fitting, adjustments will be made to ensure that your gown fits in all the right places.

For this fitting, it’s a good idea to have your shoes with you to see the length of your gown and the correct heel height in case alteration to the hem is needed. Also try to bring your headpiece or veil so you can start thinking about hair styles and double check what you have chosen goes with your gown. Most bridal stores also sell veils, so don’t worry if you haven’t thought about this yet as you can try some on.

4 months is also when you and your groom should begin looking around for suits. Bring along the swatch of your gown and bridesmaid dresses to help with matching ties and shirts for the groom and groomsmen.

*Tip: If your gown is Ivory or off white, I recommend the groom and groomsmen wear ivory shirts to blend with your gown.

1 Month

It is time for your final gown fitting. All alterations should have been made to the style and size of your gown, so you are now just making sure it looks perfect and that you feel comfortable. This is also a good time for your bridesmaids to go with you and try all your dresses on together.

From this fitting you will be given you gown to keep, so make sure you keep it hidden from your groom.