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Real Wedding ~ Tenille & Marc’s Garden Party Wedding at Mango Hill Farm

Tenille & Marc’s Story:

Marc proposed 23 December 2011 & we were married 29 September 2013. We had been together 8 years before Marc proposed ! On our wedding day we had been together just over 10 years

We held our wedding at Mango Hill Farm,  our ceremony by the creek & our Reception on the cottage lawn at Mango Hill Farm

We had 2 attendants each. My brother Trent and Marc’s best mate Will were the groomsmen. Marc’s sister Megan and my cousin Bronte were my bridesmaids. My niece Lucia was our flower girl

Family is the most important thing in our lives. With Marc’s family and my brother and his family coming from Melbourne we wanted a location where we could all stay together before and after the wedding. I didn’t want a wedding were the ceremony was at a separate location to the reception, I wanted to be able to do everything in the one location so that it was stress free for us and our families. Many family and friends have young children and we wanted a fun location for kids where they could run and enjoy the day too.

I loved the idea of having a late long table lunch so wanted a venue where guests who eat canapés after the ceremony and then enjoy a banquet style lunch in the afternoon.

I have always loved the outdoors, farms and gardens so Mango Hill Farm was the perfect location – I couldn’t have imagined getting married anywhere else.

Our wedding wouldn’t have been what is was without the help of family and friends, every aspect of our wedding had the involvement of friends and family.

We had multiple craft days making the following: Wedding Invitations | Hessian bunting |Hessian plant holders for Bombonniere | Hessian jar toppers for Bombonniere | Lace trimmings around vases and candle holders | Farm signs | Seating chart | Place settings | Menu|  Order of Service |  Kids packs





On the day all our family was involved and it was wonderful to have a relaxing morning with family around. It was so relaxing in the morning, I had breakfast with my aunty under the jacaranda, my cousin was doing yoga on the veranda and the children were exploring the farm.

My mum walked me down the aisle and 2 candles were lit at the start of our ceremony to represent the memories of my father and Marc’s father as both our dads have passed on. My godmother read a reading during our ceremony.

Two of my friends were amazing and helped me throughout the planning stages and I couldn’t have done it without them – I asked the florist to make me two extra corsages so they could be given to them when they arrived at the wedding to wear during the ceremony as a sign of how much I appreciated their help and support.

Our dog Jet was at our wedding, with his own matching paisley bow-tie

Marc’s sister fiancé Brad was our MC for the day who did a fantastic job!



Our biggest splurge was hiring an event coordinator. I absolutely loved planning the wedding but didn’t want the stress of organising all the set up and pack up of tables/chairs/glassware/decorations/fairy lights on the day. I decided it would be best to leave that to the experts and Jo from Coast to Country Weddings and Events, who did an amazing job. I felt like I was on the set of a movie on the day of the wedding watching Jo and her team transform the garden into my perfect garden party.

My biggest money saver was I have learnt the skill of bargain hunting from my mum so almost everything I purchased for the wedding was on sale or I made myself. I always kept an eye out for little craft items, sometimes I didn’t know what I was going to use them for but knew I could incorporate them somehow.

Another money saver was that the farm is BYO so rather than having to worry about drinks packages we purchased alcohol ourselves…..always waiting for the sales of course to purchase. We ended up having a lot left over so we are ready for Christmas

Mango Hill Farm is the ultimate DIY wedding venue and I could let my imagination run wild! I made the table decorations/bunting/seating chart/bombonnieres packaging and organised the layout and running of the day. It was so amazing to see all my ideas to come to life – it was fantastic to have a great team helping me.


We had a Flamenco Guitarist Andrew Vievers. We know Andrew from when I learnt flamenco dancing and both Marc and I love flamenco music. We were so lucky that Andrew offered to play at our ceremony and during our entrance to the reception as a wedding gift.

At our reception we played the soundtrack from Amelie (my favourite movie) through an iPod speaker. Marc put together a playlist with our favourite bands/artist and we played that for the remainder of the evening.



Canapes were served immediately after our ceremony by the creek at 1:30pm – I wanted our guests to start celebrating straight away. As soon as Marc and I reached the end of the red carpet we were served a drink each – it was fantastic to start the celebrations!

A long table banquet lunch was served at 3:00pm

The food served was a variety of different salads and roasted vegetables, accompanied with chicken roulade, steamed fish parcels and braised beef cheeks. Marc is a huge fan of mashed potato and the chef even made a special bowl just for him.

After lunch we all moved to the lawn overlooking the paddock to play lawn games.

Around 5:30pm we all came back to the tables for dessert, which was a variety of different cakes and pastries.

We provided everyone with a menu that was also their place setting

The menu was listed under the following headings:

–          From the garden

–          From the paddock

–          From the patisserie

Our cake was served in small take home bags for guests to enjoy when they arrived home.


The wonderful thing about Mango Hill Farm is that you don’t need to leave the property for beautiful photos. I didn’t want to have photos in a location where we didn’t get married. We had beautiful photos along the side of the paddocks and up the farm road as we walked up the reception. There is also the most beautiful cottage garden on the property where we had photos taken before arriving at our reception. We spent about 45 minutes to 1 hour having photos which was perfect. Our guests were able to enjoy food and drinks while visiting the farm animals and exploring the beautiful gardens while we had our photos taken.


Everything went perfectly on the wedding day. We did have a few mini dramas in the week leading up. Our chef was in a motorbike accident one week before the wedding and was having surgery the day before the wedding. He had team meetings in hospital to brief the new chef. Also because of the un-seasonal hot weather the week of the wedding Blue Delphiniums (one of my flowers) were unavailable but my amazing and talented florist Mel found a great substitute, Sea Thistle, which looked stunning in my mixed flower bouquets.

Honestly there were probably little things that didn’t go according to ‘the plan’ on the day, but come the day I didn’t notice and I was just so excited to marry my best friend.


The weather was great. It was beautiful in the morning. I remember it being very hot once I was dressed and getting ready to leave for the ceremony (may have been a few nerves also) but as soon as I stepped out of the car a cool breeze came over and it was perfect. After the ceremony there were a few rumbles of thunder and some dark clouds came over and there was talk of a thunder storm (you can see the dark sky in some of our photos) however just before our outdoor reception the sun came out and it was absolutely stunning!


Keep your plans simple, there’s so many amazing ideas around for what you can do on your wedding day..…but it’s impossible to incorporate them all. Find a few ideas that you like and use those.

Shop around or wait for sales, it’s easy to get caught in a trap and think that you have to spend more because it’s your wedding, which isn’t true, just because you don’t pay a fortune for something doesn’t mean its not as special/pretty/unique.

Enlist the help of family and friends – it makes the planning and organising so much more enjoyable when you have them around you.

Be organised so that you can enjoy the lead up weeks without rushing around (even though something will pop up) that way the day doesn’t fly by and you can enjoy every moment of the day.

It was so special to have a day that all our family and friends were involved in making happen. I still remember standing up on the veranda giving my speech and saying thank you to everyone and being so overwhelmed with gratitude to everyone who was involved in making it such a special and beautiful day.

Having a small break between lunch and dessert to play lawn games with family and friends. It was fantastic to take a break from eating and enjoy the sunset on the lawn playing games. We put out picnic rungs and hay bales so people could relax and enjoy a drink or have a go at playing bocce, croquet or badminton

The best thing about our wedding day was that it was relaxing, beautiful and full of love

Marc gave me a beautiful pearl pendant necklace. Marc loves astronomy so I purchased a binary star and had the certificate framed. A binary star appears as one star in the sky however is made up of two stars. The star is called Marc & Tenille and was registered on our wedding day.

We purchased the bridal parties clothes as our gift – I didn’t want being a bridesmaid or groomsman to be an expense for our family and friends.

Enjoy every moment – take the time to stop and look at what is going on around you and enjoy having all your loved ones around you.Your wedding day should be celebration of your love with all the people that mean the most to you around you – keep it simple and let your happiness and love for one another be the main attraction to your wedding.

Go with vendors and suppliers that you get along with and like. Make sure that you get a few different quotes, meet with different people and then decide who you would like to use. I was so fortunate to have fantastic people in the wedding industry helping me out to make my day come together. I meet with everyone before making my decisions as I wanted to have people around me on the day that I liked and knew what I wanted. Everyone was fantastic and I loved working with every single one of my suppliers/vendors – I recommend them all highly! Having a team that you enjoy being around makes the planning and the day enjoyable.


We had a mini moon in Hervey Bar after our wedding. We stayed at Beachside Cottage for 4 nights and spent a day whale watching and day on Fraser Island. It was the perfect way to enjoy the start of our married life together. We leave for our honeymoon on Boxing Day. We have had the Lonely Planet Guide to Japan for the past 6 years and have never made it there so couldn’t think of a better place to have our honeymoon. We wanted to travel when it was snowing so that is why we have waited till the end of the year to travel. We have planned an amazing two weeks and can not wait! It’s a great idea to have your honeymoon a few months later because the celebrations can continue that little bit longer




Bridal gown: Jasmine Couture Dress from Exquisite Bridal Wear, Kippa Ring ($900) | Accessories: I borrowed my mums earings, my hair clip ($60) was from a little shop in the Myer Centre (I can’t remember the name) | Shoes: Joanne Mercer (Brides $60, Bridesmaids $30) | Bridesmaid dresses: Alannah Hill ($100) | Bridesmaids’ accessories: Own earrings | Groom’s suit and shoes: Connor pants ($50) & vest ($50),Flinders Laneshirts ($50), and black leather converse ($90) Paisley ties ($30) | Groomsmens’ suits and shoes: Same as groom. | Jewellery/rings: Our wedding bands are from Michael Hill Jewellers

All costs were sale prices, with the exception of the leather converse (they were probably the most difficult thing to find/purchase).