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Bridal Jewellery Trends for 2013

Bridal Jewellery Trends for 2013

On a bride’s special day, everything has to be just right. From flowers to tablecloths to menus, everything is planned with care and precision to make sure a wedding looks perfect from start to finish. These minute details include attire as well; a careful bride will plan her wedding day look and those of her bridesmaids with incredible attention to detail. For the newly engaged searching for ideas or soon-to-be bride adding finishing touches, here are six bridal jewellery trends for 2013 that can’t be missed.

Vintage Jewellery

Vintage has made a comeback for the 2013 wedding season. Silhouette brooches, classic rings and wedding chokers have been seen on brides and bridal show runways as hot commodities for this season. The 1950s style pendant necklace is also a popular style for this Spring and Summer. If a vintage look matches your dress, a classic necklace might be the edge your wedding dress needs. Consider having your bridesmaids wear similar, more subdued styles to pull your vintage theme together.


Pearls are hot for 2013 and can be found at almost any wedding in the form of earrings, bracelets or necklaces. A pearl necklace can add a beautiful finishing touch to almost any bride’s look. If you feel that pearls would suit you and your wedding party, invest in a string of real peals to wear at your wedding and for special events later in life. Have your bridal party wear pearl bracelets or earrings to mimic your look without outshining you.

Chandelier Earrings

If the cut of your dress is wrong for a bold necklace or you are wearing your hair in an updo, consider wearing chandelier earrings instead to draw attention to your face. This look is especially effective if you have an understated dress and want to add something dramatic to your wedding day appearance. If you choose chandelier earrings, have your bridesmaids wear simple necklaces or bracelets in a similar pattern.

Jewelled Headpieces

In recent years, headpieces have seen a surge in popularity. Many brides are choosing to wear a tiara or headband-like headpiece. This sort of style can be worn alone or in conjunction with a traditional-style veil. Consider wearing a jewelled headpiece in your colour scheme to tie the day together. In order to compliment you, your bridesmaids can wear earrings or bracelets that match.

Coloured Gemstones

Diamonds or crystals have had a longstanding tradition of being the chosen wedding look but times are changing. In 2013, coloured gemstones are all the rage. Many brides see this as a quick way to add colour to an outfit that is traditionally all white. Pick colours that match your overall wedding decorations and have your bridesmaids wear them, too.

Statement Necklaces

The last few years have made big, bold necklaces a trend and it doesn’t stop at street attire. Bridal shows are featuring statement necklaces as well, giving a bride a great option to add some extra flair to a low-cut or strapless wedding dress. Look for statement necklaces with coloured gemstones or a vintage style to incorporate several other trends of the season. If you wear a statement necklace, make sure your bridesmaids wear something subtle. After all, it’s your special day and you don’t want anyone to stand out more than you do.

Just like everyday life, weddings have trends, too. If you are getting married in 2013, consider wearing vintage styles like brooches and pearls, coloured gemstones or jewelled headpieces. Standing out at your wedding is important and the right jewellery can do the trick. By matching your jewellery to your dress and your colour scheme, you can easily be the best-dressed bride of the season.

Bio: Francesca works and writes for”  a jewellery retailer based in Australia that ship their beautiful pieces to brides all around the world.