Different Styles of Catering For Your Wedding


When it comes to your wedding, one of the most important things you can do for your guests is ensure that you provide top-quality food for them to enjoy during the course of the long, busy day. Fortunately for you, wedding catering options abound when it comes to food for your wedding day. Nowadays, your options are limited only by your imagination.


One of the most traditional styles of wedding catering is the sit-down dinner. By the time they’re ready to eat, many people enjoy sitting down and being served by a talented waitstaff. Typically, a couple of entree options are offered for the guests to choose from ahead of time. Formal dinners typically require assigned tables or seats for your guests.


Another popular catering choice for weddings is a buffet-style meal. Buffets provide more opportunity for your guests to mix and mingle and free you from making an intricate seating chart for the meal. Buffets also provide your guests the option to pick and choose which foods they prefer to eat and in the quantity that they desire. Buffets can consist of hot foods, kept warm in steam trays, or finger foods and sandwich components which guests can assemble themselves.

Food Bar

A food bar is a fun idea that allows guests to compile their own concoctions with a minimum of effort and a lot of creativity. A salad bar, taco and burrito bar, breakfast bar or submarine bar are all possibilities for casual dining at your reception. Provide plenty of options, including vegetarian dishes, for your guests to choose from.

Breakfast or Brunch

If you’re having a morning or noontime wedding, breakfast is a hot, filling option to serve your guests. Breakfast or brunch can be a formal affair, such as a sit-down meal complete with champagne or mimosas, or a casual meal served in a buffet or bar style. Include plenty of hot breakfast meats, a variety of egg dishes, biscuits, muffins or toast and a couple of styles of potatoes.


A barbecue lends itself perfectly to an outdoor wedding. When the weather is nice, your guests can enjoy eating barbecued meats fresh from the grill, side dishes like potato salad, baked beans and deviled eggs and a plethora of desserts such as cream pies, gourmet cookies and homemade pies.


Whether you or your intended want to embrace your heritage, or simply try something out of the ordinary, ethnic meals are an excellent way to feed your guests in style. Introduce your guests to the traditional Italian dishes that you enjoyed while growing up, or throw a Hawaiian luau in anticipation of your honeymoon in the islands. If you’re a fan of Asian food, hire a caterer who can provide authentic Asian cuisine that will impress your guests.